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Safety is not just a precaution, but an attitude that effects every moment of the day.


 Safety is a huge priority at All Industrial Electric, and why shouldn't it be? Electrical connectivity is essential to a successful operation, however a safe working environment for everybody is the most important thing that we can provide a customer.

Because of our strong safety philosophy, we have earned a .80 workers comp multiplier, which is in the top 10% of the industry. Simply put, our people are not getting injured on job sites.

All of our field people have passed the OSHA 10 course annually, and they are also trained in ARC flash protection. Lead Electricians have passed OSHA 30. Electricians wear proper PPE including approved flash suits so that they maintain safe distance from the flash. In addition, we wear high visibility t-shirts, vests, protective head gear and goggles on job sites. Our electricians know how to safely conduct themselves around any type of dangerous or explosive atmosphere.

All Industrial Electric has always respected the construction standards of the industry, and therefore we are code compliant with National Electrical Code (NEC). Electricians abide by this code and make sure that all projects are completed according to NEC standards.

We have an above average employee retention rate, therefore an electrician that you work with today, will most likely be there in the future.

All Industrial Electric has a 100% drug-free policy.