10. Hiring an electrical engineer to specify building power and machinery power requirements. A good electrical contractor can do that for you for free!

    9. Assuming you thought of everything. Relocations and expansions are complex projects. It's almost impossible for you to anticipate all your electrical needs.

    8. Using an electrical contractor who specializes in new construction to hook up machinery. When moving to a new building or edition, you don't have to use the electrical contractor who is building your new site. He specializes in new construction, not hooking up your machinery.

    7. Last minute planning. Main service panels over 400 amps are a six to eight week lead-time for manufacturers. Buss duct is usually a six to eight week lead-time from manufacturers. We can help you locate used/refurbished buss duct if you need it earlier.

    6. Not knowing your existing power consumption. When determining power requirements for your new building, use the "demand reading" on your electrical bill to determine existing power requirements.

    5. Transforming your own voltage. Many times machinery operating voltage can be converted to avoid internal voltage transformation which can be costly and should be done by utilities.

    4. Assuming your new building meets village code requirements. When moving into an existing building, village occupancy requirements may request you to upgrade your emergency lighting and exit sign system to comply with your new floor plan.

    3. Not allowing for the utilities companies' average response time. It takes ComEd approximately 12 to 16 weeks to provide new service.

    2. Not budgeting for energy savings. If you are purchasing new space or a new building, or signing a lease that is five years or longer, budget energy-efficient lighting upgrades or retrofits into the plan.

    1. Not calling Mike Pokorny, President of All Industrial Electric. Call Mike at 847-885-9600 before your next move or expansion for a free estimate. He and his team pride themselves on their ability to reconnect your equipment faster than you can move it!