Energy Management

All Industrial Electric works closely with ComEd to help companies go green. ComEd offers a number of energy-efficient programs that are designed to incentivize local businesses to switch outdated electrical equipment with new, energy-efficient equipment.

Why does ComEd offer these programs?

In 2007 the state of Illinois put a mandate on all utility providers to reduce energy usage each year.

Where is the money for these programs coming from?

The money is coming from all of us. Check your ComEd bill, look towards the bottom and you will see a line item stating "energy efficiency programs" and a dollar amount your company paid into the program for that month. All of this money goes into a pool and then a ComEd affiliate determines the best way to offer monetary incentives to companies for reducing energy.

What sort of outdated energy equipment is ComEd looking to replace?

The most common outdated equipment in a facility is the lighting. Many buildings have original lighting or systems that were updated many years ago. All of this is now considered outdated.

A common light fixture that increases your electric bill is the 2-foot by 4-foot fluorescent office fixture. These fixtures use four "T12" lamps and a magnetic ballast which means they could be using 160 Watts.

A retro-fit for the 2-foot by 4-foot fixture means our electricians will "gut" the existing fixture and replace the magnetic ballast with an electronic ballast. Then we will install a reflector to bounce 90% of the light downward. Finally, we will install new sockets and two new "T8" fluorescent lamps. The retro-fitted fixture now uses 59 Watts and will increase light levels.

This is only one example of an outdated fixture, there are many different types of fixtures that can be replaced or retro-fitted to reduce your electric bill by 40-60%. Contact us today to schedule a free lighting audit.

Other electrical equipment that can be replaced includes: machine motors, forklift battery chargers, air compressor controls and refrigeration controls.

How much money will ComEd give to do these projects?

Each project is different because companies have different energy usage levels. ComEd offers two major energy-efficiency programs for lighting:

  • Small Business Energy Savings program (SBES) This is for ComEd customers who use 0-100 kW in an hour.
  • Smart Ideas for Your Business program (SIFYB) This is for ComEd customers who use 100-400 kW in an hour. Companies that use over 400 kW in an hour are also eligible for this program.

SBES customers will typically see 75% or more of the project covered by ComEd and SIFYB customers will typically see 50% or more of the project covered by ComEd.

How do I know what program my company falls into?

Check your ComEd bill, along the right-hand side you will see "Commercial / Retail delivery service" and then "0-100 kW" or "100-400 kW" or "400-1000 kW" and so forth.

I know I have updated lighting in my building, are there any other incentives from ComEd?

Yes, ComEd is constantly coming out with new programs to reduce lighting energy. You can install occupancy sensors, advanced lighting controls and/or LED lights.

Are outdoor lights covered by any of these ComEd programs?

Yes, in fact most buildings still have the old "metal halide" wall packs. These old fixtures put out a pinkish-orange light. Upgrade those lights to LEDís for a crisp white light and use a fraction of the energy.

Our company leases the building, do we qualify for the program?

Yes, as long as the company receives a ComEd bill they will be eligible for the programs. Use these programs to your advantage and ask the property manager to split the customer cost. Or use the programs to negotiate a better monthly rent payment.