Karen Eich

Vice President of Administration

Responsible to the president for controlling the financial flow of cash and general management functions as well as human resources. Karen is also responsible for accounts receivable, billings, job costing, collections, and insurance. Karen was one of our first employees, has been with All Industrial Electric since 1989.

Michael Pokorny


Michael is the president and founder of All Industrial Electric. He has had a love for electrical work and engineering since he was 18 years old and when he was 28, he started All Industrial Electric.

Since then he has successfully landed projects worth millions of dollars, and truly brings his expertise to every challenge he encounters. His mission has always been to provide clients with superior electrical contracting, at the lowest price possible. Many estimators, engineers, electricians, and sales people have learned from Michael, and would call him a "mentor."

Michaelís specialty is being able to adapt to any type of electrical or plant requirement. With this skill, he is always able to out engineer the competition. Also, he has over 15 years of lighting retrofit experience. He can make the best lighting recommendations for the best possible retrofit, and save customers money while maintaining current light levels.

Brian Stahl

Estimator, Project Manager

Estimates, manages, coordinates, and supervises construction processes from start to finish. Brian has been with All Industrial Electric since 2004.

Graduated with a B.S. from Marquette University
Majored in Finance, Minor in Electrical Engineering