At All Industrial Electric we have the latest technology that allows us to gain information about your facility, and give us the knowledge on how to complete your project more efficiently. Because we have been in business for 25 years, we are able to get our hands on the best equipment available, and give it to the best people in the industry. This win-win combination allows you receive unsurpassed service and expertise.

Thermalscan Camera: A camera that shoots a thermal image of an electrical panel to determine if there are any hot spots that could be potentially dangerous. This allows us to easily analyze your panels for preventative maintenance.

Power Analyzer: With this machine, we can easily assess any unclean power issues, spikes, or surges at your facility.

Three Scissor Lifts: Equipment that gives us safe access to high ceilings and light fixtures at your job site.

Fleet of trucks: Everything your project requires will be brought to and from your facility.

20 highly experienced field installers: At All Industrial Electric, we go through a highly detailed hiring process. All potential employees are given 2 written tests that must be completed with a passing score. Furthermore, they all must pass the conduit bending test, and a complete background check. There is a drug free policy at All Industrial Electric.

We have an above average employee retention rate, therefore an electrician that you work with today, will most likely be there in the future.